Absinthe Cocktail Recipes

My Day at the Emmy Awards

A Day full of Celebrities & Gifting at the Emmy Awards


You have probably heard about the free swag celebrities get around award time, right? Last week, my products were one of those gifted items when I attended an Emmy Awards Gifting Suite!



I was invited to share my absinthe and small batch syrups at the 73rd Emmy Awards, so I packed up a van full of 2 oz bottles with product and drove from Oakland down to LA. By 8 am, I was setting up my table. Before the doors opened, I walked around to meet the other brands. What a collection of inspiring entrepreneurs! The gifting suite included everything from sustainable and safe feminine products, a cannabis company handing out prerolled joints and butane lighters, candles, and more.


At 10am, the celebrities started rolling in! Jax Malcom, award-winning actor and director and still under 21 years old, he was very excited about our mocktail recipes!


Award-winning Actor & Director Jax Malcolm


It was exciting to share my absinthe and cocktail syrups with this amazing crowd! Other well-known talent stopped by my booth, including:

Patrik Simpson of Gown & Out in Beverly Hills
Emmy winning former Young & Restless star Michael Corbett
Ken Davitian, known as the “fat naked guy from Borat”
Actress and singer Amber Frank
Actress Lilly Melgar
Grey’s Anatomy’s Brandon Russell
Writer Timon Durrett
GG Townson of the biopic Salt & Pepa
Carrie Bernans of the Black Panther, and so many more!


Carrie Bernans, Black Panther


Amber Frank, actress, The Haunted Hathaways


Timon K Durrett, Actor/Author/Artist AAFCA winner Best Draw Best Writing for Queen Sugar, and Absinthia

Matt Sarafa, fashion designer


Alfanso Illan, actor “The Forever Purge” and Arie Rose, actor/producer and influencer, with Absinthia


Influencers Taydee Marie, Model/Music artist, and Kylin Kalani, model/actress, and Absinthia


Tiara L. Moore, founder of Save Our Jewels, Monique Lore Stinson, event coordinator and award-winning docu-filmmaker, a young actress/rapper, and Absinthia


Absinthia with Petri Hawkins-Byrd Judge Judy’s bailiff


Read all about the Gifting Suite Event in Splash Magazines!



Splash Magazines has a wonderful write-up of the gifting suite event with this blurb about my product:

“Absinthia is both the name of the founder and CEO as well as her company selling bottled absinthe. It is a very delicious bottled spirit that has an after-taste of licorice. The most refined liquor I have personally ever tasted. It soothed the palette and offers a non-traditional alternative to the common shelf liquors.”

I couldn’t agree with them more! The character and detail of my absinthe brings out the uniqueness of wormwood and anise (the herbs that create the licorice taste). It is a non-traditional alternative to the common shelf liquor options. Try it for yourself or splurge on a set of small batch syrups. Pick up a bottle from my store at absinthia.com